Product Quantity Price Amount
Small Vase Tupton Ware Item 1575 Delete£11.95 £11.95
Small Vase Tupton Ware Item 1577 Delete£11.95 £11.95
Large Trinket Box Tupton Ware Item 6503 Delete£19.99 £19.99
Trinket Box Tupton Ware Item 1592 Delete£8.99 £8.99
Trinket Box Tupton Ware Item 1591 Delete£8.99 £8.99
Large Vase Tupton Ware Item 6501 Delete£39.99 £39.99
Small Vase Tupton Ware Item 1576 Delete£11.95 £11.95
Medium Vase Tupton Ware Item 1581 Delete£23.00 £23.00
Large Vase Tupton Ware Item 6500 Delete£39.99 £39.99
Lady Figurine Tupton Ware Item 4145 Delete£38.99 £38.99
Small Vase Tupton Ware Item 1578 Delete£11.95 £11.95
Border Collie My Pedigree Pals Item PP8100 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Black and White Cat My Pedigree Pals Item PP8116 Delete£21.50 £21.50
Cat Himalayan My Pedigree Pals Item PP8117 Delete£21.50 £21.50
Jack Russell My Pedigree Pals Item PP8106 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Chihuahua My Pedigree Pals Item PP8119 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Dachshund My Pedigree Pals Item PP8113 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Cocker Spaniel My Pedigree Pals Item PP8102 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Yorkie My Pedigree Pals Item PP8112 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Labrador Chocolate My Pedigree Pals Item PP8107 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Westie My Pedigree Pals Item PP8111 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Labrador Black My Pedigree Pals Item PP8115 Delete£18.99 £18.99
Piggin Lovey Dovey Item 14081 Delete£14.40 £14.40
Piggin Close Shave Item 14166 Delete£13.95 £13.95
On the Piggin Road Piggin Item 14332 Delete£19.00 £19.00
Piggin Luurv Machine Piggin Item 14292 Delete£13.50 £13.50
Piggin Rudolph Item 14152 Delete£40.50 £40.50
Piggin Spare Tyre Piggin Item 14361 Delete£17.10 £17.10
Piggin Wii Too Excited Piggin Item 14334 Delete£14.25 £14.25
What A Piggin Pantomime Piggin Item 14281 Delete£63.00 £63.00

All prices are in British Pounds () TOTAL £637.35

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