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Lancaster panel plan (pg1 air)

Price: 25.00

Hurricane centre section (pg1 air)

Price: 2,800.00

P 51 data plate (pg1 air)

Price: 25.00

Original pipe clip 2 (pg1 air)

Price: 10.00

Hurricane Radiator Cowling (pg1 air)

Price: 1,800.00

Original pipe clip 1 (pg1 air)

Price: 10.00

HS 126 Luftwaffe recon aircraft tail plane (pg1 air)

Price: 1,495.00

Original MK I Spitfire areal attachments * (pg1 air)

Price: 495.00

Hurricane Top Fuselage (pg1 air)

Price: 375.00

Original Spitfire nose cowling from Spitfire SM 234  MK XVI  (pg1 air)

Price: 1,200.00

Spitfire 50 Calibre tube *(pg1 air)

Price: 595.00

Original Spitfire rudder horn balance weight  (pg1 air)

Price: 375.00

Subtotal: 9,205.00
Shipping: 90.00
TOTAL: 9,295.00