Product Quantity Price Amount
Expectant Parents Waterglobe Item 17047 Delete£31.95 £31.95
Ballerina Waterglobe Item 17002 Delete£37.95 £37.95
A Little Boys Prayer Waterglobe Item 17090 Delete£35.95 £35.95
Carousel Waterglobe Item 17516 Delete£34.95 £34.95
Heavenly Lute Waterglobe Item 17046 Delete£29.95 £29.95
Hummingbird and Hibiscus Waterglobe Item 17144 Delete£38.95 £38.95
Egyptian Glass Decanter Item EG40 Delete£14.99 £14.99
Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle Item EG30 Delete£13.99 £13.99
Egyptian Glass Decanter Item EG43 Delete£14.99 £14.99
Egyptian Glass Decanter Item EG42 Delete£14.99 £14.99
Egyptian Glass Decanter Item EG44 Delete£16.99 £16.99
Egyptian Glass Perfume Bottle Item EG09 Delete£7.99 £7.99
Egyptian Glass Decanter Item EG45 Delete£16.99 £16.99
Mr Lovington Groom Bearington Bear Item 0037 Delete£8.99 £8.99
Blush Bearington Bear Item 90083 Delete£21.99 £21.99
Mama Blush Bearington Bear Item 90082 Delete£33.99 £33.99
Ribbit Frog Bearington Bear Item 90087 Delete£6.99 £6.99
Kitty Purrrse Bearington Bear Item 90070 Delete£9.99 £9.99
Baby Blush Bearington Bear Item 90084 Delete£7.99 £7.99
The Mischief Makers Paintbox Poppet Item PBO116 Delete£18.50 £18.50
Flowers For Mummy Paintbox Poppet Item PBO11865 Delete£20.50 £20.50
Star Pupil Paintbox Poppet Item PBO12084 Delete£21.99 £21.99
The Cat That Got The Cream Paintbox Poppet Item PBO11929 Delete£15.99 £15.99
Master Mariner Paintbox Poppet Item PBO11931 Delete£15.99 £15.99
Just For You Me To You Item 9804 Delete£8.50 £8.50
Surprise Me To You Item 40130 Delete£26.00 £26.00
Happy Birthday Me To You Item 9617 Delete£8.50 £8.50
Toasting Our Love Me To You Item 40349 Delete£35.55 £35.55

All prices are in British Pounds () TOTAL £572.09

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