Product Quantity Price Amount
Hattie the Squirrel Wade Item G30862 Delete£15.00 £15.00
Mr Frost Flake Wade Item G31406 Delete£14.00 £14.00
Bounce the Rabbit Wade Item G30762 Delete£5.95 £5.95
Waggs the Dog Wade Item G30763 Delete£5.95 £5.95
Pen Holder Clubs Wade Item G31246 Delete£13.50 £13.50
Little Miss Giggles Wade Item G31352 Delete£15.99 £15.99
Banjo Russ Bear Item 24183 Delete£17.99 £17.99
Benji Bear Russ Bear Item 1014351 Delete£7.99 £7.99
Chillbrrr Russ Bear Item 22434 Delete£12.99 £12.99
Light Brown Dog Peeper Russ Bear Item 21684e Delete£9.99 £9.99
Junior Chunky Alice Bear Item 91657 Delete£6.99 £6.99
Bauble Bear Russ Bear Item 92158 Delete£15.99 £15.99
Clarissa Russ Bear Item 24124Y Delete£10.99 £10.99
Chips Russ Bear Item 101390 Delete£17.99 £17.99
Light Brown and White Dog Peeper Russ Bear Item 21684f Delete£9.99 £9.99
Bride and Groom Russ Bear Item 1033Y Delete£5.99 £5.99
Bundles Snowman Large Russ Bear Item 22698 Delete£16.99 £16.99
Brock Russ Bear Item 32933 Delete£12.99 £12.99
Bear Purse Pets Russ Bear Item 24851 Delete£14.99 £14.99
Casanova Russ Bear Item 29474 Delete£8.99 £8.99
Butter Scotch Russ Bear Item 32758 Delete£12.99 £12.99

All prices are in British Pounds () TOTAL £254.24

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