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Blue Cohosh root

Price: $3.30

Coriander seed

Price: $1.03

Comfrey leaf

Price: $1.70

Linden leaf

Price: $2.91

Licorice root

Price: $1.81

Buckthorn bark powder

Price: $1.50

Lungwort leaf

Price: $2.25

Anise star pods powder

Price: $2.20


Price: $6.37

Chrysanthemum flower whole

Price: $3.29

Blood root

Price: $12.81

Lovage root slices

Price: $1.72

Marjoram leaf

Price: $1.10


Price: $1.48

Dandelion root

Price: $2.53

Goats Rue herb

Price: $2.06

Echinacea purpurea root

Price: $2.14

Celandine herb

Price: $1.92

Honeysuckle flower

Price: $2.57

Charcoal activated

Price: $2.53

Catnip flower

Price: $2.14

Maca root powder

Price: $2.09

Hibiscus flower whole

Price: $1.65

Devils Claw root powder

Price: $2.03

Burdock root

Price: $2.35

Henna Red

Price: $1.92

Chickweed herb

Price: $1.10


Price: $1.92

Alkanet root

Price: $2.10

Black Haw bark

Price: $2.80

Cinnamon powder

Price: $1.21

Goldenseal root

Price: $12.37

California Poppy herb

Price: $3.35

Chamomile flowers whole

Price: $2.47

Gotu Kola herb

Price: $2.42

Comfrey root powder

Price: $1.68

Jaborandi leaf c/s

Price: $4.65

Comfrey root

Price: $1.68

Henna Neutral

Price: $1.65

Echinacea angustifolia root

Price: $3.96

Birch bark

Price: $1.25

Marshmallow root

Price: $1.81

Eleuthero root powder

Price: $1.81

Kola nut powder

Price: $0.99

Kava Kava root

Price: $3.54

Atractylodes root (White, Sliced) (Bai Zhu)

Price: $1.95

Gentian root

Price: $3.85

Jamaican Dogwood bark

Price: $2.91

Alkanet root powder

Price: $2.10

Calamus root

Price: $1.81

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