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Metal Charm A-054 - 8x8x7mm Leaf Cube Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Pendant A-275 - 9x20x5mm Clear Crystal Delete0.35 0.35
Gold Metal Charms A-043 - 7x7x15mm Snake Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-036 - 13x10x8mm Coffee Cup Delete0.30 0.30
Free Form Tree Rhodium Plated Copper Pendant - 33x48mm Delete1.50 1.50
Metal Pendant A-274 - 9x20x5mm Orange Red Crystal Delete0.35 0.35
Angel Girl Rhodium Plated Copper Pendant Delete2.50 2.50
Metal Pendant A-282 - 9x20x5mm White Pearl Delete0.35 0.35
Ruby Cubic Zirconia Micro Paved - 8mm Gold Brass Round Bead Delete5.50 5.50
Metal Beads A-041 - 9x9x10mm Flower Tube Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Beads A-003 - 10mm roundel w peridot crystal Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-033 - 11x12x8mm Rabbit Delete0.30 0.30
Rhodium Placed Copper Pendant - 29mm Heart Picture Frame Delete2.25 2.25
Crystal Paved Palm Connector w Eye - 22x35mm Delete2.50 2.50
Metal Charm A-027 - 8x8x8mm Briefcase Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-243 - 10x10x9mm Butterfly w Clear Crystal Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-177 - 8x8x10mm Red Crystal Love Tube Delete0.45 0.45
Gold Metal Charms A-046 - 10x15x8mm Tool Holder Delete0.45 0.45
Wing Rhodium Plated Copper Pendant Delete0.50 0.50
Star Rhodium Plated Copper Pendant - 42x57mm Delete2.50 2.50
Hand Rhinestones Pendant - 34x45mm Delete3.50 3.50
Metal Charm A-056 - 9x9x8mm Star Fish Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Pendant A-279 - 9x20x5mm Big Red Crystal Delete0.35 0.35
Metal Pendant A-099 - 8x8x25mm Peacock Pearl Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-189 - 9x12x8mm Rabbit Delete0.30 0.30
Silver Brass - 15x30mm Mesh Cross Pendant Delete1.15 1.15
Metal Charm A-251 - 8x9x8mm Money Sack Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-045 - 13x18x11mm Rocky Ponny Delete0.35 0.35
Metal Beads A-138 - 9x9x7mm S Tube w Blue crystal Delete0.50 0.50
Metal Charms A-012 - 10x10x8mm Train Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Pendant A-281 - 9x20x5mm Green Crystal Delete0.35 0.35
Metal Charm A-244 - 7x14x7mm Ribbon w Pink Crystal Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-029 - 9x14x8mm Born to Shop Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Pendant A-276 - 9x20x5mm Purple Crystal Delete0.35 0.35
Brass CZ Crystal - 18x20mm Circled Leave Charm Delete1.50 1.50
Metal Pendant A-020 - 9x20x6mm Star Delete0.35 0.35
Metal Beads A-176 - 11mm roundel w Citrine crystal Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-190 - 10x14x8mm Swan Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-025 - 10x20x12mm Limo Delete0.30 0.30
Goldfish Copper Pendant w Multi Color Crystal - 42x55x25mm Delete5.95 5.95
Pewter Beads PJ - 907 Flower Cap 9mm Delete0.20 0.20
Metal Charm A-088 - 8x8x7mm 6-Side Paw Tube Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-091 - 9x9x10mm Gift Box Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-082 - 11x11x9mm Red Heart Drum Delete0.45 0.45
Gold Brass - 15x30mm Mesh Cross Pendant Delete1.15 1.15
Metal Beads A-137 - 9x9x7mm S Tube w green crystal Delete0.50 0.50
Metal Beads A-001 - 10mm roundel w green crystal Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Beads A-175 - 11mm roundel w Pink crystal Delete0.45 0.45
Metal Charm A-192 - 7x10x8mm Teddy Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-081 - 11x12x11mm Flower Tube Delete0.45 0.45
Pewter Beads PJ - 906 Morning Bell 11x9mm Delete0.40 0.40
Metal Charm A-086 - 9x9x8mm Alarm Colck Delete0.30 0.30
Metal Charm A-030 - 8x12x7mm Turtle Car Delete0.30 0.30
Rhodium Placed Copper Pendant - 27x37mm Oval Picture Frame Delete2.50 2.50
Ruby Cubic Zirconia Micro Paved - 8mm Black Brass Round Bead Delete5.50 5.50
Ginkgo Leaf Rhodium Plated Copper Pendant Delete0.75 0.75

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