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Vickers Fuel Cock 3 (pg1 fuel)

Price: 265.00

Fuel cock 27F/1991 (pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

USAF Wobble Pump(pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

Fuel cock 27F/1991 (pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

Fuel Tank Selector (pg1 fuel

Price: 55.00

Belly, Aux and Main Fuel cock (pg1 fuel)

Price: 175.00

Vickers Fuel Cock 2 (pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

Original Spitfire fuel cap * (pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

108 Gallon Paper Drop Tank Filler Cap(pg1 fuel)

Price: 75.00

1942 dated Pesco Fuel Pump (pg1 fuel SP)

Price: 375.00

Westland Whirlwind prototype and MK I fuel selector switch (pg1 fuel)

Price: 295.00

Subtotal: 2,615.00
Shipping: 200.00
TOTAL: 2,815.00