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Part 25(pg1 relics)

Price: 35.00

Hurricane V7375 control column mount (pg1 relic)

Price: 275.00

Part 4 Crank case (pg1 relics)

Price: 175.00

JU 88 drift sight bracket shot down 27th September 1940 (pg1 relics)

Price: 285.00

Original Third Pattern Fairburn Sykes knife (pg1 SAS)

Price: 300.00

Part 19(pg1 relics)

Price: 35.00

WWI 5-15 VP Telescope for high Angle Gun 1917 (pg1 SAS)

Price: 275.00

Part 15(pg1 relics)

Price: 35.00

MK VIII Oxygen control valve (pg1 relic)

Price: 75.00

Battle of the Somme French shrapnel shell (pg3 arm)

Price: 195.00

B17 Bomb Release mechanism 2 (pg1 rel)

Price: 35.00

Vickers Fuel Cock 3 (pg1 fuel)

Price: 265.00

Fairburn Sykes knife (pg1 SAS)

Price: 75.00

Vickers Fuel Cock 2 (pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

Subtotal: 2,335.00
Shipping: 175.00
TOTAL: 2,510.00