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V1 Wooden Nose Cone Fragment(pg1 Rocket)

Price: 115.00

Hawker Tempest radiator flap control  assembly  (pg1 cont)

Price: 275.00

US Airforce1st Lieutenant Officers Jacket 15th Air force (pg1 Pilot)

Price: 275.00

Aircrew thermos flask 2(pg1 Pilot)

Price: 85.00

Supermarine Seafire / Spitfire Armour Plate (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 799.00

Hawker Hurricane Emergency boost control 3  (pg1 fuel)

Price: 295.00

RAF Mk VIII goggles (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 250.00

Spitfire Mk XIV Griffon Powered Spitfire Throttle Quadrant (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,450.00

Lancaster trim tower  (pg1 cont)

Price: 3,995.00

USAAF Gunners gloves(pg1 Pilot)

Price: 140.00

Avro Lancaster throttle quadrant (pg1 cont)

Price: 9,995.00

RAF Escape Axe (pg1 Pilot)

Price: 75.00

Original Spitfire wing leading edge * (pg1 air)

Price: 295.00

Hawker Hurricane Emergency boost control 3  (pg1 fuel)

Price: 295.00

Suede Flying Boots 2(pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 275.00

Hastings Control Yoke (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,695.00

D Type Flying Gloves(pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 145.00

Hawker Typhoon trim assembly 1 (pg1 cont)

Price: 650.00

Westland Whirlwind tail wheel (p1 U/C)

Price: 55.00

Spitfire emergency undercarriage blow down control (pg1 UC)

Price: 575.00

Supermarine Seafire / Spitfire Armour Plate(pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 799.00

Suede Flying Boots (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 275.00

Bolton Paul Defiant Night fighter print (pg1 misc)

Price: 125.00

Spitfire Spade grip AH 8068 (pg1 cont)

Price: 2,200.00

1938 Dated Luftwaffe M35 Map/Dispatch Case (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 275.00

Battle of Britain MG15 Gunners Tool Kit Case (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 195.00

Battle of Britain class Steam locomotive Spitfire name plate (pg1 Misc)

Price: 850.00

Hawker Typhoon trim assembly 2 (pg1 cont)

Price: 950.00

Spitfire MK I, MK II and MK V Throttle Quadrant (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,350.00

Aircrew thermos flask 2(pg1 Pilot)

Price: 85.00

WW2 RAF Dinghy Survival Knife nos 2   (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 85.00

Original Castle Bromwich Spitfire factory Entertainment minutes book (pg1 Misc)

Price: 1,195.00

Spitfire wobble pump (pg1 fuel)

Price: 275.00

Subtotal: 30,393.00
Shipping: 745.00
TOTAL: 31,138.00