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Spare instrument glass kits (pg 1ins)

Price: 10.00

Bomb Indicator (pg1 ins)

Price: 85.00

Spare ASI/Altimeter Glass (pg1 instruments)

Price: 20.00

New Instrument Case (pg 1 ins

Price: 15.00

French Anemometer (pg1 instruments)

Price: 45.00

Air Log (pg1 ins)

Price: 225.00

Plate adapter 5C/4205 (pg1 ins)

Price: 55.00

Air Log (pg1 ins)

Price: 225.00

Turret Position Indicator(pg1 ins)

Price: 65.00

Lancaster Beam approach gauge (pg1 instruments)

Price: 95.00

Subtotal: 840.00
Shipping: 75.00
TOTAL: 915.00