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French 47 mm Char B1 Dunkirk Tank shell

Price: 225.00

SS Totenkopf Panzer 4 type 5B track link Modlin Warsaw (pg1 SAS )

Price: 255.00

Harvard Spade grip (pg1 con)

Price: 875.00

Brake grip attachment bolt (pg1 cont)

Price: 35.00

Shelley Crested China Artillery Gun (Pg 1 SAS)

Price: 40.00

 Bi Plane Spade Grip (pg1 Controls)

Price: 1,800.00

German 40mm Cannon Shell 1 (pg1 SAS)

Price: 175.00

German Half track SDKFZ rubber shoe dated 1941 Normandy (pg1 SAS )

Price: 55.00

US Heavy artillery spanner (pg1 SAS )

Price: 35.00

Hawker Typhoon Throttle box 2 (pg1 cont

Price: 1,200.00

repro Spitfire elevator trim(pg1 cont SP)

Price: 95.00

Japanese 81mm Type 100 Mortar (pg1 SAS)

Price: 375.00

German 40mm Cannon Shell 3 (pg1 SAS)

Price: 175.00

German 40mm Cannon Shell 1 (pg1 SAS)

Price: 175.00

Shelley Crested China Military Cap (Pg 1 SAS)

Price: 25.00

Crafton Crested China Artillery Shell (Pg 1 SAS)

Price: 25.00

JU 88C-6 control knob (pg1 cont)

Price: 150.00

Subtotal: 5,715.00
Shipping: 315.00
TOTAL: 6,030.00