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 Mk IX and Merlin Powred Spitfire throttle Quadrant (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,250.00

Lancaster trim tower  (pg1 cont)

Price: 3,995.00

 Mk IX and Merlin Powered Spitfire throttle Quadrant (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,250.00

Spitfire MK I Original rudder pedal (pg5 cont)

Price: 1,195.00

Messerschmitt BF 109 G-K  Original Drehzahl throttle propeller pitch control (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,200.00

Spitfire MK I, MK II and MK V Throttle Quadrant (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,350.00

Hawker Typhoon trim assembly 2 (pg1 cont)

Price: 950.00

Complete Spitfire undercarriage selector  (pg1 cont)

Price: 1,495.00

Subtotal: 12,685.00
Shipping: 270.00
TOTAL: 12,955.00