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Lancaster R 1155 Radio receiver 1 (pg 1 rad)

Price: 250.00

Original Navigators Half Brevet (pg1 Pilot)

Price: 20.00

Luftwaffe Drop Tank Stabiliser (pg1 air)

Price: 175.00

Test Equipment (pg1 misc)

Price: 55.00

Identification Light Morse Key 1 (pg 1 rad)

Price: 125.00

RED ENSIGN (pg 1 Misc)

Price: 15.00

MK XX Merlin inlet manifold 2 (pg1 Pwr)

Price: 800.00

Jumo Engine cylinder liner (pg1 pwr)

Price: 255.00

Merlin Generator (pg1 Pwr)

Price: 1,200.00

Glycol tank for a Bristol Beaufort (pg1 pwr)

Price: 195.00

Framed Barrage Balloon Material (pg 1 Misc)

Price: 49.00

Three Cylinder Lawrence of New York Radial engine model (pg1 pwr)

Price: 275.00

French Potez 54 aircraft data plateĀ  (pg1 pwr)

Price: 125.00

P38 Lightening trench art (pg1 misc)

Price: 150.00

WWI US Officer cap (pg1 Pilot)

Price: 295.00

Supermarine Seafire / Spitfire Armour Plate (pg1Pilot Equipment)

Price: 375.00

Vokes Hydraulic Oil Filter (pg1 pwr)

Price: 175.00

Merlin Valve (pg1 pwr)

Price: 55.00

Luftwaffe Drop Tank Stabiliser (pg1 air)

Price: 295.00

Air Ministry Cartridge Box (pg 1 Misc)

Price: 70.00

Subtotal: 4,954.00
Shipping: 322.00
TOTAL: 5,276.00